Friday, January 14, 2005

Moving up to a New Age Category...

I take a lot of online marketing surveys and yesterday was the last day I could select the 30-34 age category.

Shelby talked a lot last night about it being my birthday today. Then this morning, not a word about it until I was dropping her off at the school. She felt bad about almost forgetting it again. Year before last she forgot all day about it until that evening and felt horrible. (Not that it really mattered much to me, as long as someone remembers a some point in the day and hopefully that someone is my mom making my favorite birthday cookies.) Then last year, Shelby remembered in the middle of class. She even asked the teacher if she could call me because she was so distraught about forgetting.

My husband was still asleep when I left and called just a few minutes ago on my cell. I couldn't answer it since I was on the other phone. When I finished, I called him back expecting him to be wishing me a happy birthday. Nope...this is what I get. "Are going to get some dog food today?" Once again it doesn't really bother me, I just think it is funny. He'll remember it later today.

Just a little acknowledgement is wonderful, no need to go overboard (except for the birthday cookies). And as long as they remember at some point today. Unlike THAT infamous Mother's Day.

When I was around 10, we all forgot Mother's Day. My dad, sister and I all forgot. Mom never said a word but by the next day she was livid. So she went out and bought herself her own Mother's Day gift...a microwave. That was back when microwaves were new and quite expensive (but made well, my mom is still using that same microwave to this day). Let me tell you, Mother's Day has not been forgotten since in my family.

Yeah, he'll remember later...and if he doesn't, I'll go out and get me a nice new....wait, I just bought a new microwave....hmmm.... a nice new....well I'm sure I'll find something if need be.

UPDATE: He called back around noon asking if I had just called him. Nope I hadn't. Okay. Goodbye.

UPDATE DEUX: He called again around 12:30 to say Happy Birthday and to apologize for not remembering sooner. :)