Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bozo No More...

Jed's hair is blondish, curly and is starting to get rather long. His hair is the longest right over his ears. Most of the time the hair over his ears curls which you would think it would make it appear shorter (like it does at the nape of his neck). But no...when it curls it flips up so that he resembles Bozo the Clown

For the last couple of weeks I have been talking about trimming it. I have been holding off so that I could get a lock long enough to keep. A good friend of mine gave us two silver boxes, one for his first tooth and one for his first lock of hair (I just try not to think of how weird it is to keep a chunk of hair and a tooth). I also couldn't decide whether to take him somewhere for his first haircut or if I was going to try to do it myself. This child hardly sits still with the exception of during Move to the Music break on Noggin, especially if its a Laurie Berkner video. But I couldn't imagine trying to trim his hair in the middle of the living room. However a couple nights ago I noticed that during the beginning of his bath, while the water is running he sits still. He is usually occupied trying to grab the water running out of the faucet or his filling up his cups and bowls. I decided that his next bath I would try to trim his hair while he was occupied with the running water and tonight was the night. Not only was the Bozo look bothering me, I really didn't want to wait so long that people mistake him for a girl.

He did real well and honestly didn't even notice me trimming his hair. He looks so different now. And I didn't even cut that much off! I think it will still curl. It was quite curly when he got out of the tub but had straightened out after combing and drying it with a towel. I didn't even think to get an after picture tonight. He was too cranky tired after his bath that he went to bed shortly after that. I'm going to get an after picture tomorrow and hopefully I can find my mini disk drive so I can get the picture off the camera.

Thankfully, it wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be nor was it as difficult as I thought it might be. I just hope Jed isn't like Sampson in that all his strength good wonderful sweetness is connected to his long blond curls.