Friday, November 12, 2004

ACK!!! I Found A....

...gray hair in my right eyebrow this morning!!! Previously, I have found one or two gray hairs hidden among my bangs but this is the first eyebrow hair. Let me tell you, I couldn't grab the tweezers fast enough.

Of course I shouldn't be surprised about finding one. Actually, I should be more surprised thatI don't have many more gray hairs, considering I have been dealing with a teen, a sick tot, an upcoming surgery, the loss of a paycheck, etc. (Although I am sure I may have one or two new ones this weekend since 2 of my sister's 3 kids are staying with me.) If I find sometime this weekend to write, I'm planning on adding a Jed update, a surgery update and perhaps a story about Shelby's first kiss...if I decide it won't embarass her too much (not that she knows of my blog).