Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Treat...

...where's the candy?, um I mean Happy Halloween!!!

We have already started the costume preparations. Shelby is washing her hair so that we can make it 80's big. She is going as an 80's prom queen. We found a knee length sequined dress with a white asymmetrical ruffle at the bottom for $15 at a consignment shop. She was so excited to find a "vintage" dress. Its depressing to think that the clothing I wore in high school is now considered "vintage".

Jed is going to be a fireman. His costume has black fleece pants with a reflective stripe at the bottom and a yellow vinyl jacket. It also came with a cute fleece fireman hat that I will bet will only stay on his head a total of 56 seconds (not consecutive, mind you).

I've been digging around trying to find my old pirate costume, however now that I have found them I may have find another costume. The pirate shirt (left over from a Le Mes number in college and later used for a Halloween costume) is just a little snug and there is no way I can (or would even dare) to try to fit in the shorts that I previously wore with the costume (that would be one scary sight). I haven't had much luck finding a pair of black pants that would look right or that are thin enough to tuck into my knee-high boots. Once Jed gets up from his nap, I'll see if the witch costume that I bought on clearance a few years ago will work.

My husband will NOT be dressing up as usual. He's just going along to help carry the little fireman when he gets too heavy (and to earn his portion of the fireman's candy).

So what are you (and your kids, if applicable) dressing up as this year?