Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New Shoes...

We finally got around to getting Jed his birthday present...his first pair of shoes. I didn't have high hopes for keeping socks or shoes on him. First I had heard the horror stories about my sister's kids, especially the middle kid. Jed and E are very similar. E would scream and cry whenever he was wearing shoes. Oh what was I going to do if Jed reacted the same. And after seeing Jed's reaction to the first time I put long sleeve footie pjs (he kept pulling on the toes and biting the sleeves) and the first time I socked him (they were off his feet and across the room in 10.3 seconds flat) . Well let me tell you I don't need to worry about this any more. Jed LOVES his new shoes.

Anytime he finds his shoes he brings them to the nearest person to have them put them on him. The other morning he was running around the house in his pajama top (he had already lost his bottoms with the first diaper change), socks and his new shoes (the above picture was taken that morning). Now if only I could afford the cute little dark brown boots.