Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How to Put Keep Socks on a Toddler…

Jed is not used to wearing socks. We will be buying him his first pair of shoes this weekend so I figured I need to start the breaking in period with trying to put and more importantly keep them on him. I have a feeling it may be a bit of a battle seeing how much he hated it when I put a long sleeve pj shirt on him the other day (he spent quite a few minutes trying to bite it off only to accidently bite his own arm).

So this morning I dug through the hand-me down socks (my sister has 3 kids: 2 boys and 1 girl so Jed has inherited quite a wardrobe…well what has survived her kids that is). The socks are still in the box in the back of my car from where I grabbed them from mom’s house yesterday. After putting Jed in his car seat, I put the socks on him. It was rather chilly this morning and I was trying to keep his tootsies warm. The socks were already off his feet by the time I reached the main road.

Then when we arrived at my mom’s house (mom keeps Jed on Monday and Tuesday and my sister keeps him the rest of the week….how lucky am I????). Before taking him inside I grabbed 2 more pairs of socks hoping at least one of them would be snug enough that hopefully they would stay on a bit longer.

I chose the pair that looked snuggest and put them on Jed’s feet. He was already eyeing them, waiting for me to move my hands so he could get to them. Seeing this, my mom grabbed the other pair of socks and put them on Jed’s hands which distracted him long enough to forget about his now enclosed feet. He actually wore the socks on his feet until this afternoon. And even crazier, he wore the socks on his hands for at least 20 minutes, until it was time for breakfast! He was picking up toys and carrying them around with socks on his hands!

Hats are a waste of money right now. He pulls off any hat within 10 seconds of it being placed on his head. Watch him go through winter wearing gloves and no socks. At least gloves will be well worth the money…