Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dancing in the Dark...

Okay, so I wasn't really dancing in the dark but I was trying to get ready for work this morning in the dark. I was putting my mascara on, talking to Shelby on the phone (she stayed at a friend's house last night so she could attend a church function) and all of sudden the bathroom went dark and the phone cut off. We only have a tiny window in the bathroom not that it mattered much since it was still dark outside. Fortunately, I was just finishing up my make-up but unfortunately my wet hair was wrapped up in a towel. No electricity=no hair dryer or curling iron. So its gonna be a Bad Hair Day today.

I was able to stumble around and find a candle stump. Every now and then, I buy a new flashlight that I tell everyone that its MINE but it always disappears. (Same thing happens with MY hammer and MY screwdrivers and MY super glue). I need to start hiding MY things where only I can find them but knowing my luck I will forget where I hid them. I threw on some clothes and grabbed a few peices of clothing for the baby and shoved them in the diaper bag. I am happy to say when I got outside in the light of day that my shoes, pants and shirt match as well as my socks. As for the baby, I won't know if anything of his matched until this afternoon when I pick him up.

In a little bit, we'll be heading to the doctor's office to get the results of my husband's MRI after which we will probably schedule his knee surgery...oh fun!