Friday, April 18, 2008





*breathe out slowly*

I'm alive and the family is doing fine. This has just been one hell of a semester at work. I don't believe I have ever been this busy. Thankfully spring semester is quickly winding down and I'm waiting patiently for my calendar to start opening up.

The etsy shop is doing well (although I haven't listed any new markers in the past couple of weeks, I'm in the middle of felting 100+ beads to then embroider then wire up.)

Shelby is now 18 and has been accepted to UT.

Jed is 4 1/2. He is doing well overall although we have some concerns with some sensory issues. I've been battling with the decision whether or not to send him off to kindergarten next year. If I sent him, I would save gobs of money however I wonder about him being the youngest in the class and am seriously leaning towards keeping him out one more year. I've heard that parents can regret sending their child to kindergarten too soon but they rarely regret holding them back.

I finally got a new car. The old XTerra had over 207,000 miles and was sucking down gas at an alarming rate. Things were starting to rattle and fall apart. A couple of weeks ago I traded it in for a little Nissan Versa hatchback. It is so cute (although every other day I look at it and wonder if it is actually ugly) and the gas mileage is phenomenal compared to the old car.

Jay is working again which has been a huge relief although I'm a bit worried what I'm going to do for that week and half that Jed will be out of school in May.

We are getting ready to put the garden in and it is even larger than last year. I'm wondering at what point will my husband stop enlarging it each year.

I need to catch up with everyone else but first I have to get through Prom weekend. All this stress of corsages (omg what if is not a wrist corsage) to dresses is making me crazy but it should be over this weekend. However I'm guessing it will just be replaced with stress about graduating.

*deep breathe*

Okay that wasn't that hard. You know when you put something off for a long time and then you just keep putting it off longer because you have put it off for so long in the first place and it just keeps getting worse? Well that was me and updating the blog. Now hopefully the next update will be even easier and much more timely.