Saturday, November 10, 2007

No, Howard Did Not Eat the Computer...

Howard really hasn't torn anything up! It is unbelievable. This is the best dog I have ever met. A friend of ours had found a bunch of abandoned puppies. He gave Howard to his dad but when his dad priced out a fence, he decided that he really couldn't keep him so he sent him back. My husband had his eye on this pup from the very beginning. So when the puppy was returned, my husband acted quickly. (Our friend's father is still regretting giving up the dog.)

He came to us already potty trained and knowing how to walk on a leash and how to sit. He has since learned Down and Shake. He and Jed get along fabulously although Jed tends to be a bit rough with him which is good in a way since it establishes Jed as more alpha. He takes a small interest in the cats but only when hyper otherwise he pretty much ignores them. He realizes when he is allowed on beds and couches (in the evening) and when he isn't (at night while we are sleeping). He is a bit mouthy however that isn't unusually for puppies this age.

Our two outdoor dogs have accepted him. There still is a little growling here and there but overall they are getting along very well. We are still feeding them separately and Howard does stay inside at night and during the day some while we are home.

As you can see he is totally at home here.

The other things which have kept me busy over the last few weeks too. Not just my wonderul new puppy. Weekend before last Jed and I went to visit my college friend Lori and her family. She has twins the same age as Jed. While there we went to a Halloween festival. There were hayrides, bounce houses and one of those painted forms where you put your face in and get your picture taken.

And there was pumpkin bowling:

Then there was Halloween. Thankfully Jed asked to wear his costume from last year. As you can probably guess the costume was HUGH on him last year. It seems to fit a bit better this year.

We also got Shelby's college application submitted. Now to wait until January to find out if she got accepted.

I've also been busy making felt beads and stitch markers. I finally opened my etsy shop. The sheep stitch markers seem to be a bit hit so this weekend will be devoted to making a few more of those. I'm also bouncing around an idea for Christmas ornaments with embroidered sheep. If you want to check out the shop, you can find it at While you are there, hop on over to Piddleloop and check out her wonderful project bags. There is one in my future once I sell enough markers.