Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mediocre Wednesday...

It was one of those good/bad days...

Good: Yesterday I received some previously thought lost cash. It was an old account that I had in college that I had completely forgotten about. This month has been a tight one so the extra cash is definitely welcomed.
Bad: I couldn't find the check this morning on the rush out so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to deposit it.

Good: I got everyone to school on time, including the teen who had to be there 30 minute early but neglected to get up in a timely manner. Jed is still insisting on being dropped at the door.
Bad: While waiting for drop-off time to begin, Jed and I sat in the car listening to the radio while he proceeded to show me every single one of his favorite Pokemon in his Pokedex. Unfortunately my battery died from the 20 minutes of radio listening (probably because of dirty battery terminals, an old car and the fact I had forgotten I had my lights still on.)

Good: I finally received my invite to Ravelry over the weekend (man is that site addictive if you have a love (or even an interest) for knitting or crocheting. I've already picked out my next project.
Bad: I won't have time to get the yarn until this weekend. Which in a way is good since I really should finish up the tank for Shelby, some reports and some felting.

Good: It is Wednesday, only 2 more days until the weekend.
Bad: Still two more days until the weekend.