Thursday, July 19, 2007

33 Hours and Counting...

...until I am stuck in the middle of a bunch of Hogwarts crazed people

I hadn't planned on going, however Shelby is really wanting to go to the Barnes and Noble shindig for the release of the last Harry Potter book. The only other one that we went to was the first year that they did the midnight release and I hope this one goes smoother.

Last time Shelby had been complaining of a stomachache and headache but she didn't want to leave so we stuck it out. This was right before we finally figured out that the child suffered from migraines and before we knew that just couple of Excedrin Migraine usually took care of it. Prior to figuring out all this migraine stuff, she would suffer the head and tummy ache until she threw up. So yeah, right around 11 pm or so that's what she did...right between two aisles of books.

So we ended up sitting out in the car for the last hour because she REALLY wanted the book and heck we had been there for over 2 hours and didn't want to go home empty handed. I ran in right before midnight to see if I could snag a book. I mentioned that I was the one with the vomiting kid and that I was really trying to get us out of there. They kindly let me slide in line near the front (with only one grumpy woman complaining).

However I am thinking about changing my mind about taking her. I started Book 6 but only made it about half way through it before caring for a small infant got in the way. It is still on my list to finish. Yesterday though, Shelby let slip out quite a few things about the ending of Book 6. Thanks a lot!

I'm the type of person if I turn the TV on a movie 30 minutes into it and I haven't seen it, I will turn it off and wait until a time I can watch the whole thing. If I have miss 30 minutes in the middle of a movie because of the phone or whatever, I will either turn it off or rewind if possible. I never skip to the end of the book to see what happens. Although she has practically ruined it for me, I will still read it.

Hmmm...if I get her Book 7 and let her read it first I think I need her to sign a contract that has her promise not to tell me a single thing from the book. And if she does, I'll have her pick the rest of the beans this year!

(By the way I was able to sell both boxes of beans for $12 a piece. That's pretty much paying for Harry.)