Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Procrastination Sometimes Pays Off...

What happened to Global Warming? There was evidence of it the last couple of weeks, temperatures in the mid-80's. But the forecast for Friday? High of 49 and a low of 29 with threats of rain and snow showers!!! SNOW?!? What!?!

Procrastination sometimes works in my favor. My Christmas decorations are still sitting in the corner of the dining room (note to self to get them put up before coloring eggs so there won't be garland and red and green bins visible in the background when I take pictures). So it shouldn't be too surprising that all our winter clothes haven't been put up either. Good thing, as we may need them Friday to build a snowbunny in the front yard.

I did snub Procrastination last night and went ahead and pulled my citrus tree (can't remember if it is an orange or a lemon so I just refer to it as the citrus), newly planted strawberries and pansies into the garageway* for safe keeping.

*Jed has always referred to the garage as the garageway. You know the big building connected to the driveway, must be the garageway.