Friday, March 30, 2007

The Scent of the Past...

This afternoon Jed and I went to Basket of Robins*. He insisted that we sat outside while we ate our ice cream. The metal table and chairs were located between a deli and a new restaurant that is not open yet. The door were open to the new restaurant, probably because they were painting the interior. The scent of paint drifted outside bringing back sharp memories of college during Homecoming week hanging out at frat houses painting banners and creating floats. The smell of paint always takes me back. The all-nighters, painting banners and windows, stuffing crepe paper squares into chicken wire. The joy of meeting new people. The frustration from those who went to bed early or got too drunk to help. The panic wondering if everything would get done before the deadline. Yeah I actually kind of miss those days.

The only other smell that never fails to take me back to the past is the strong smell of fresh cut grass. That always takes me back to last period in 7th grade I believe. I was sitting in English class and we were discussing "The Last of the Mohicans". The windows were open and the sound of the lawnmower buzzed outside. It was one of those really warm days that you wished you were anywhere but school. And as I inhaled the scent of fresh grass, I recall thinking that this was a moment in time I would always remember. And thankfully it is.

Are there any smells or scents that always take you back in time?

*Borrowed from a child that I knew when I worked in daycare.