Thursday, October 19, 2006


Remember last week when I said that nothing in life is free? Well, I was mistaken. Just a couple of days ago I went over to the University Center and came back with a pair of iPod in-ear headphones, a 256k usb drive, a large salad, a piece of cake and a sweet tea all without spending a dime, or even a penny for that matter.

The headphones and usb drive were compliments of a $50 gift certificate for the campus computer store someone had given me. I spent all but 86 cents of it. After leaving the computer store, I wandered over to the cafeteria to grab a bit to eat. I looked around for someone in charge. The previous Friday was Fall break on campus so it was slow and only one cafeteria in the UC was open. Even in then, only half the stations were open in the cafeteria so I grabbed a premade turkey and provolone sandwich and brought it back to my office. After the first bite I knew something wasn't right. provolone should be a very mild cheese and shouldn't resemble the taste of swiss cheese in any way. I opened the sandwich up to make sure it was provolone and not swiss. It was provolone alright but it was provolone that was turning blue! There was a blue spot the size of a quarter right in the middle of the sandwich. I promptly threw it away since it was too late to take back since the cafeteria had just recently closed.

I finally found the head chef and explained about the horrid sandwich and he apologized profusely and offered me a free lunch.

The lessons learned here are that sometimes things in life are free (that is if you ignore the price of taking a bite of a gross sandwich) and to NEVER EVER buy a premade sandwich during any of the student breaks. (Did I mention that this is the 2nd time that I have experienced this? The other icky sandwich was a wrap that I bought last Christmas break.)