Monday, October 09, 2006

Nothing In Life Is Free...

...including circus tickets.

Well okay the circus tickets themselves were free. But then add in the cost of the elephant rides ($7), pony rides ($6), multiple inflatable jumping things ($6 for each), toys ($5-$15), cotton candy ($3) gets to be expensive.

Thankfully we got out of there with spending just around $25. Shelby finally got to ride an elephant which she has wanted to do since she was 6. Jed decided against the elephants, instead choosing the jumping tent. I forked over $6 so he could jump only to have him bounce 3 times and immediately exit. Thankfully the attendant returned out ticket and he had a much better time riding a pony.

The best acts included the scarf/ribbon dancers (who spun, flipped and twirled while hanging on to a tremendously long scarf), the tightrope walkers (with 3 near falls that left Shelby nervous as all get out) and the steel ball filled with motorbikes (they started with 3 bikes riding within the ball and ended with 5! bikes in there all at once.)

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon even though Jed got antsy the last hour. Now I have to remember that Nothing in Life is Free when we use our free aquarium tickets in a couple of weekends.