Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dream a Little Dream of....


I love dreaming. I feel lucky that most of my dreams are not the nightmare kind. Oh I've had my share of those but most of the time my dreams are just strange. (Remind me to tell you of the Killer Sock dream I had in college.)

Night before last I dreamt that Brad and Angelina came to visit. They brought their new baby however in my dream, their baby was actually Suri (Tom and Katie's bundle of joy and no she did not look disformed in my dream). Brad was getting ready to go somewhere (I think to shoot a movie) and Angelina and Suri were going to hang out for awhile. We contemplated going outside but when we looked out the window there were thousands of people filling the yard, most of them were dressed in concert tees or in black. Apparently there was to be some kind of concert outside. I don't remember the music however the crowd surged toward the house and next thing I know the house is turning. The crowd had picked up the house and was rotating it. I don't know if I called someone or if Angelina told me or if I just knew but the music was causing the people to be so aggressive. The last bit that I remember is that we were walking outside around the house making sure no one was hurt and I was amazed how the crowd which apparently included children as young as 5 could lift a house not hurt themselves.

Perhaps I need to step away from the gossipy news and avoid pizza before bedtime. Nah...that combination makes for some interesting dreams.

So tell me, what is the strangest dream you had about a famous person (that you can actually write about)?