Friday, June 09, 2006

Pokes and No Wheels...

We have found something to temporarily replace the lure of the popsicle.

Jed has been talking about needing (his terminology) a new bulldozer. The term bulldozer is used to describe all construction equipment. Specifically, he needs a new pickup with no wheels and pokes. Or to an adult, a new excavator with treads and tines on the shovel.

He so desperately wants a new pickup with no wheels and pokes that he has begged me to drive to Will and Jake's house (3 hours away) to borrow theirs. So a lightbulb went on yesterday morning. Here is the deal I laid out for him. He has to pee in the potty in the morning, at school that day AND at home sometime in the evening. Boy am I surprised at how enthusiastically he has taken up the challenge.

Yesterday morning, he went in the potty when he first woke up. Not too surprising since he has been doing this rather regularly for the last couple of months.

We get to school and he asks me to stay for a few minutes. I told I would ONLY IF he sat on the potty. He agreed. We sat in the bathroom for almost 20 minutes. Finally I had to drag him off the potty, yes DRAG him, because another kid really, really needed to use it. Poor Jed started screaming "No it's my turn!!!!! I was here FIRST!!!!!!" As I was leaving, the teacher was taking Jed back to the potty. And I received the following note in his lunchbox.

"Jed went to the potty today. He was very proud. We are too." I have the note on my cabinet door..

So this was a decent stride in the correct direction but not too stellar since he has gone at school before. is when it all gets crazy. Jed was down at the edge of the garden with my husband, playing with his construction equipment while I was fixing dinner. All of a sudden he comes into the house demanding that he needed to go to the potty NOW. I dropped everything (including my jaw) and we rushed off to the bathroom. This is the first time EVER he has told me he needed to go.....AND HE DID! I was dancing all around the house.

But the story does not end there. On a lark after dinner I told Jed we needed to try and potty again and he went along agreeably (huh?) and actually WENT AGAIN!!!!

The boy wants a new pickup bad that he was willing to sit on the potty all day long at school. So desperately he willingly used the potty FOUR times in one day!!!! We may not be there yet but we are at least headed in the right direction.

So I'm leaving work shortly to pick him up from school and off to Wal-mart we go. I am praying that they have exactly what he is looking for.

During a discussion of his reward, Jed informed me he need a pickup with no wheels and pokes AND a new roller. Another light went on and we (umm, I) made a deal that he has to poop in the potty to get a new roller.