Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Forgot...

...that today is Valentine's Day.

I was almost to Jed's school when it finally dawned on me, even though I was reminded by the radio at least a half dozen times earlier in the morning. After wishing each of the kids a Happy Valentine's Day I had an "Oh Shit..." moment. I had forgotten Jed's Valentine's cards for school. Even worse, I hadn't even addressed them. They are still sitting on the kitchen counter right where I put them 2 weeks ago.

After dropping Shelby at school, I took Jed into his classroom. The lockers just outside were covered with 2 or 3 heart and doily encrusted paper bags. Each of them crammed full of cards, stickers and candy. Now this is for a room of 2 year olds. Will any of them notice if they did not get a card from Jed? Probably not since the parents will be the ones going through the bags. Will any of the parents notice Jed's card missing? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless though, I would feel like a bad parent if Jed didn't have cards to give out.

So off to Target I went. I picked up a bag of Batman lollipop cards (blue raspberry lollipops stuck into Batman cards). My plan was to put Jed's name on all of them and then just toss them in each of the kid's bags without addressing each of them.

I pull the first card out and there at the bottom it says:


So much for that plan. I couldn't give out cards with the To: line blank...how rude and impersonal is that?

I grabbed my blue clickable sharpie and the bag of cards and went down the line of lockers, addressing each one as I went. It took me half the time to distribute my cards as it did one of the other mothers who had pre-addressed cards and kept having to go back and forth searching for each kid. See, some good actually came out of my lack of planning (or memory). It took far less time delivering the cards AND we already have cards for next year!

I should at least get a few extra credit points for actually buying the first set of Valentines so early, which is quite unusual for me.