Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oh the Lies I Tell.... my children.

The last few nights I have been trying to get Jed to take a quarter Zyrtec chewable tablet. Grape flavored...should be easy. Ha!

The first night I handed him the small little piece and told him that it was candy. You can get that child to do anything for candy. Nope didn't fool him. He touched it to his tongue and handed it back to me asking for candy. Finally I told I would GIVE him some candy if he ate. Mission accomplished.

The second night I spent an hour saying "Jed take your medicine" and him replying "Nope". I tried the following "It's just like candy", "It will make you feel better", "Eat your medicine like a big boy", "It will make your beard grow". (He wants a beard just like Daddy.) Finally we had ended up in my bathroom with Jed sitting on the lid of his potty. I asked one more time and he snatched it, chewed it and swallowed. Mission accomplished.

Last night was a battle. The final result was me trying to slip it into his mouth and him sticking out his tongue trying to force it back out. (Did I mention that this thing is smaller than a pea and dissolves easily?) After some fussing (me and Jed) and some sticky purple fingers and tongues, I think we got most of it his system.

Then tonight were started of with the sting of "Nopes" while were watching the opening part of Dora the Explorer. Jed had set the time part of the pill on his lego table. I looked at the tv and the looked at Jed and told him that he needed to hurry up and eat his medicine because Swiper was coming and was going to swipe it. Jed immediately started grasping for the pill and shoved it in his mouth. As it sat there dissolving, he started looking around the living room and out the window asking where was Swiper. We did the "Swiper, no swiping" bit and all was good.

I can't believe how low I've stooped to lie to my child that a cartoon fox is about to run into our house and swipe his medicine. But more importantly, I want to believe I can get away with it again tomorrow night

(I honestly doubt he will fall for it a second time but a mother can always hope and dream...)