Friday, May 13, 2005

It's the Ying and Yang..

All last week, Shelby was supposed to give me some slip of paper from school to sign. Once that was signed, she would be given a permission slip to leave school early on exam days. Once you finish your exam in the morning, you are allowed to leave school grounds, if and only if, you have the permission slip signed.

Finally, she brings me the first slip to sign and she gets her early dismissal slip Monday. I have mentioned it almost every day but still hadn't seen it. Last night I told her if she didn't bring it to me that night then I would refuse to sign it and she would have to stay at school ALL DAY. That got her scurrying.

However she came back downstairs a few minutes later to tell me she had LOST it! Had I taken it off her dresser? I hadn't been in her room in over a week. I reiterated if I did not sign it that night then she would have to stay at school all day. She replied that her teacher did not have any more copies and that I could just write a note. I informed her that apparently leaving school early was not important enough to her because if it was she would have kept up with the slip. She stomps off only to return 5 minutes later with the slip which I signed.

Was I too mean? I don't think so. Two weeks prior, she forgot to bring me her report card in time to get it signed and turned in for extra credit. It was almost week before I saw the first slip and another week for the permission slip.

Would I have made her stay all day? I doubt it but as long as she thought I would, all is good.

I guess I was just tired of reminding her over and over again to put up the dishes, vacuum the Bonus Room (it's been at least a month and still not done), to get her junk out of my car, have her contacts out by 8:00 (hasn't done it by 8 but maybe twice since she got them).

Sigh....she is a teen and will be forgetful at times, I know....but I'm a mom therefore I will be mean at times...Its the Ying and Yang of this phase in our lives...

Note 1: I still can't remember the original topic so this one will have to do...

Note 2: I wrote this on Friday but when I posted it, it must have gotten stuck somewhere...