Monday, May 02, 2005

And The Cat(s) Came Back...

After finishing my post yesterday, I went upstairs to see if I could coax any cats out through Shelby's storage area. Penny was sitting on Shelby's bed like nothing happened. I was eventually able to talk Precious out from Shelby's side but there was still no sign (or sound) of Earl. I gave up and went back downstairs.

Jed woke up about 30 minutes later and he woke up happy. I opened his door and he was sitting in the crib facing out talking to Earl, who was laying in the middle of the floor as if he had been there all day. No mention of the pathetic cries I heard from the walls or the desperate scratching. Yeah Buddy, I know what you've been up to and it ain't happening again. Since the door is not wanting to stay latched I moved a laundry basket in front of it for now.

The only thing that has been concerning me long before Jed realizes that the storage area is there and how long will I lose him in the recesses of the house?