Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Music in His Soul...

And Ants in His Pants.

Jed LOVES music. Whenever Laurie Berkner comes on Noggin, Jed will stop in his tracks and watch the entire thing. I leave the TV on Noggin or Disney quite often. The funny thing is though, Jed doesn't really watch the show itself but will stop midtrack when the beginning music or ending music comes on. The only parts of shows that actually hold his attention are Mail Time on Blue's Clues (which really doesn't count since it is singing) and when Swiper shows up on Dora. We never pointed Swiper out to Jed...we just started noticing one day that he kept getting excited whenever Swiper made an appearance.

We have a handful of CD's for Jed in the car. His favorites are Philadelphia Chickens (Sandra Boynton), Rhinoceros Tap(Sandra Boynton) and Whadda' Think of That (Laurie Berkner). I have given shortened names to some of the songs so when Jed is fussy I ask him if he wants Cows, Dinosaurs, Toot-Toot or Ah-Choo. He shakes his head no until I name the right one. This morning we had it on Whadda' Think of That and I thought it was She'll Be Comin' Around the Mtn. otherwise known as Toot-Toot. Jed kept saying ah-choo, ah-choo. It took me a minute to realize HE was RIGHT!!!! (Ah-Choo is the song about the monkey on the elephant's knee and the elephant sneezed....). He is also getting to the point where he is starting to sing along. Just yesterday was the first time he Moooed right along with the song.

We also expose Jed to our music in the car and there is also American Idol. He is still up when it is on and is usually trying to get into everything that he can. However, there have been a few performances over the past weeks where he would dance along, one of which was Nadia's a couple weeks ago. Then last night, he was entranced by Nadia's performance again and when she ended he looked at me and said "More?". Thankfully he didn't get upset when they moved on to another performer...I guess I should have called and voted for her a few times since it is apparent Jed has already chosen his American Idol.