Monday, February 28, 2005

Did You Miss Me?

Boy have I missed you (all 6 of you that actually read my blog)!

So here is the update for the past week and a half.

Jed got better only to get hit by allergies. His congestion has moved down into his chest and his cough sounds horrible. I'm giving him another day or two before we head to the doctor. (He's not running a fever, still eating, is in good spirits when he isn't throwing a fit and is sleeping as well as usual...which isn't saying much).

The computer on the other hand is annoying me. Okay, so weeks ago I am inundated with pop-ups. I moved to Firefox for most of my surfing however I NEED IE for one task at work. One very important task. Somehow I got rid of the pop-ups only to get viruses. Yep in plural. Spent all last week getting rid of them. Last Friday the pop-ups started again. And lo and behold, one of my anti-virus programs detected another virus trying to infect my machine today! Too bad my job requires me to use a PC for most of my work and not an Apple.

Let's see what else has transpired in the last week and a half? Oh yeah, I am very happy and proud to say that my husband is OFFICIALLY unemployed! While he was on medical leave we were getting nothing! He got the okay to go back to work and luck of all lucks they were laying off. And this is a good thing. Not only are we now getting a little extra money each week (which was desparately needed) but turkey season is coming up soon. We usually break even when he is drawing unemployment since his gas expenses are next to nothing. (The layoff is temporary since it is construction. However Jay is hoping to start a new business in the next month or so which should be a lot better than what he was doing before.)

My little Avon business is going well. So far I haven't made much but I haven't been at a loss either. I tend to spend most of my profits on things for me and Shelby. Which is fine since this is more for the discount and the fun of buying and getting without spending all my "real" money. I love the ordering and receiving and don't even mind not getting to keep most of it. I get the shopper's rush without the shopper's remorse.

And I finally replaced my cell phone. I ended up with a Motorola v551. Has way more bells and whistles than I need, key word here being NEED. But heck, if my husband is using a good portion of the tax refund on another 4-wheeler then I'm gonna get a good sturdy phone. So far I love it!

So now I must go check up on my friends. I have missed a week and half of their lives. I have to find out if Birdie still has a pig sleeping in her bed, if Alyssa is sleeping better, if CursingMama has quit her job yet, if Generic ever got her pilot picked up, what Joshua thinks about the latest episodes of AI, how Leta's new mobility has caused havoc in the Dooce household and what Anita's little angel Conor has been up to.

I promise that I will not go this long again without blogging! A week and half is just long. Okay well may the only time I may go close that length of time is if I get to go back to Hawaii next year.