Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pepe Le Pew Seat Belt Shoulder Pads????

After reading the list of grumpy girl's search terms that led people to her site, I decided to check out what search terms people are using to come to mine.

The most common includes information about bruised tailbones (Shelby's is finally healing, by the way) with the following "bruised tailbone", "hurt tailbone" and "what is a bruised tailbone?". "I have a knot in my shoulder blade what do I do" I'm guessing must have been related in a way.

The second most common is "ellipsis", of course. Along with "ellipsis lyrics" and "ellipsis blog".

Then we have the stragglers....

  • overflowing diaper "diaper pail"
  • bed drinking "go upstairs" sheet hop blog
  • caramel chocolate pecan dessert
  • ugliest purse in the world
  • oobi hair dryer
  • walk-off homerun definition

and my favorite....Pepe le pew seat belt shoulder pads. Do I dare do a search to see if it exists?