Wednesday, December 15, 2004



Jed's new thing is that when he wants demands attention, he will stand in front of me, usually holding a book or a toy and repeatedly say mama...mama....mama (and I stress repeatedly) until his need it met (or in a few lucky instances is distracted by something else).

The other day in the car, he was holding a book out to me and saying mama so many times that I finally took the book and read it to him while driving. (Since it was a book I have read no less than a thousand times, each page with a short little phrase, all I had to do was glance while turning the page and then hold it behind me so he could see it while rattling off the story.)

I was excited first day he began "mama...mama...mama...". My heart just melted. This is so cool that he knows my name! That when he needs something, he is coming to me and asking me for help! He is finally learning to communicate more effectively with me, his mother!

Well that got thrown out the window that same evening when Jed walked up to my husband, animal book in hand saying "Mama...mama...mama....mama...mama...".

Of course the excitement has also faded as I have come to the realization that I will never have another moment's of peace and quiet outside of naptime or the midnight hours of sleep.