Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Firefox Rocks and ...

Internet Explorer sucks. I realize that those in the know would respond with "Duh, what took you so long???"

I am so sick of the popups and have tried everything (short of reformatting and trashing IE...trashing IE and reinstalling is on my list for later today). I can get rid of the spyware but only temporarily. By the end of the day, my spyware killers find more. There has got to be something hidden away somewhere that keeps loading it!

So I have started using Firefox a lot more lately. There are only one or two things I have been opening up in IE during the past few days (all work related).

Well off to weed through the rest of the work for today. Instead of avoiding work and just reading and writing blogs, I have decided to read or write one entry and then complete one work task. When that is done, I am allowed to read on more blog, followed by another work task. Hopefully by the end of the day, I will have completed all my work AND caught up on my blog reading.