Friday, October 15, 2004

Titanic:The Movie and Herbal Essences

I have never seen Titanic nor do I ever plan on seeing it much to the dismay of my stepdaughter. When the movie first came out, everyone was talking about it. The commercials were on ALL THE TIME. Not to mention that stupid Celine song.

Shelby saw it numerous times in the theater and was one of the first to own the tape when it came out. For months, all she talked about was Titanic. She read book upon book and watched any special that came on TV. We were even at an antique show (bordering on flea market) at a convention center. One booth had an entire case of Titanic necklaces. Sparkly rhinestones and a large blue faceted stone in the middle. She HAD to have that necklace. I think she even spent her own money on it. We still have it somewhere, never been worn (but then again how many outfits go with a big blue stone with sparkly rhinestones?)

I felt like Titanic was being forced down my throat everywhere I went, everywhere I looked. I pledged that I would not go see it, especially since it was so overly hyped. Now granted, I have heard, overall it’s a good movie. That may be so, but on principal I will not voluntarily watch it.

The other thing that annoys are the commercials for Herbal Essences. I cannot stand their marketing campaign. In an era when so much is sexualized, do we really need to include shampoos and body wash??? And an organic experience in the privacy of your bathroom is one thing but the middle of a court room with Dr. Ruth present? Oh please…

Those commercials annoy me so much that I will not buy any of their products. I don’t want my money going to pay for any more stupid annoying commercials. It’s so bad that I don’t even want anyone to bring them into my house (which bothers Shelby but there are definitely enough other products on the shelf that she can choose from).

I know it’s crazy that I feel so strongly these two issues. I fully realize that. And that’s okay. Just please respect it and please, please don’t make me watch Titanic while showering with Herbal Essences shampoo in my hair…